OM Tapas takes inspiration from the yoga mantra, om. The  chant represents the past, present and future. Similarly, we hope guests of OM Tapas can also experience what Spanish food was, is and will be. We follow the gastronomy culture of Andalusia in Southern Spain where the concept of Tapas was originated, and where the famous iberico pigs that thrives on acorns call home. Andalusian cuisine is very rich and dishes typically contain an array of ingredients including olive oil, nuts, fruits and different kinds of marination. These Mediterranean elements together with the historical Arabic influence merged to create traditional Andalusian cuisine, a tasty selection of foods well known and highly regarded in almost every city of Spain.


At OM Tapas, we pride ourselves to be different from the crowd by recreating traditional Spanish dishes with contemporary techniques and presentation. Our group’s chef consulting team came and trained in various michelin kitchens in Spain, not only we know what authentic tapas are about, we also aim to consistently impress guests with new ideas and offer only the best experience of Spanish cuisine right here in Hong Kong.


OM Tapas is conveniently located on a side street in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, giving you the best of both worlds of this famous entertainment hub in Hong Kong: quietness within the buzz. Our semi-open-air design together with modern décor, great ambience and friendly crew of staff will ensure you maximum dining enjoyment.